Taxi Dog Amber Ale © 
4.8% ABV, 16.4 IBU, Non filtered.
Our Amber Ale is very drinkable and refreshing with a smooth malt and hop character. We use the finest German and English malted barleys along with American Cascade and German Hallertaur hops to produce this great ale. Enough said. Cheers!
Pagoslow Palezner©
5.1 ABV, 20.2 IBU, Non filtered This ale drinks like a fine European Pilsner just as the name suggests.
German malted barleys and Chez Saaz hops are used to create this fine golden ale. We implement cold fermentation as well as a long stay in the conditioning vessel to ensure that this beer is very crisp and clean with an enjoyable hop balance. Prost!

Putt Hill Smoked Porter©
5.4% ABV, 37.8% IBU, Non filtered Now this ale has it all. Rich and black in color with dark amber hues that  compliment the delicate smoke character and nose of this ale. Robust yet this beer finishes clean and bright. Remarkably drinkable! We start by smoking our malted barley over a cold mesquite smoke for 8 hours before we brew this beer. This adds a considerable amount of extra time to the brewing process but
we feel it’s definitely worth every extra minute. We use six deferent malts along with a combination of Northern Brewer and Willamette hops to create this extraordinary Porter. Quaff!
Yippie Ki-Yay IPA©
6.2% ABV, 62.5 IBU, Non filtered.  Our IPA is brewed as the English intended it to be brewed for the long ocean voyage between England and India at the turn of the century. This great darker golden ale is loaded in rich malt character that has the body to carry the awesome hop bittering and finish of this classic style. High alcohol content and lots acidity (hop bittering) is what kept this style from spoiling on its long voyage to the English troops that were occupying India at the time. This ale has huge huevos! Here at Wolfe Brewery we do not dry hop this great ale we simply use a ton of ingredients in the brew kettle.
 This is a very expensive ale to produce. Brewed using only imported English malted barley and East Kent Golding hops. Relax….

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